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Why you should take the ACT- There's Nothing to Lose!

What the ACT sort-of is:

The ACT is a competitor test to the SAT. The SAT is Coke and the ACT is Pepsi. We all know that Coke is better than Pepsi, but some people insist on having their Pepsi. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you should take the ACT.

What the ACT literally is:

The ACT is a standardized test accepted by almost all colleges, just like the SAT. The ACT however, tests you in more of a curriculum-based way. Translation: It's presented in a more cut and dry way. All of the trickery that the SAT employs is largely absent from the ACT. The material a student learns in school will be tested on the ACT and presented in the same way that it was presented in school.

Structure of the ACT:

The ACT has 5 sections. English, Math, Reading, Science and an optional Essay. The ACT is primarily made up of the same material as the SAT (with the exception of the Science section). Truth: you don't need to know anything about science to ace the ACT Science section. We'll tell you all about that another time though!

What the ACT means for you:

It means one more chance at the whole standardized testing process. Most students score in the same ranges on both tests, but the reason YOU should take the ACT is that you don't have to report your scores to colleges unless you like them. So, if you do as well as or better than you did on the SAT comparatively, you include your ACT scores on your transcript. If not, nobody has to know that you ever took the test. There's nothing to lose! 

We can help you:

Adam and Jen have been tutoring for the ACT for years. Currently about 1/3 of our students elect to take the ACT. We have never really pushed the ACT on our students in the past, but we really do believe it is worth taking. Colleges in the middle of the country largely rely on the ACT and most colleges on the coasts accept the ACT in addition to the SAT. Taking the ACT can only make you look better to a college, so why not take it?

The good news:

After you take Adam and Jen's SAT course, you are pretty much already prepared for the ACT. All of the Math, Reading and Writing techniques learned in SAT class can all be applied to the ACT. To prepare students for the ACT we offer a 4-6 session course to teach ACT strategy (which is very different from the SAT strategy) and to administer a few ACT practice tests.

Check the ACT out for yourself: Their website is www.actstudent.org

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